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errors and warnings in event logs, unsolicited phone calls

Hi just got unsolicited phone call from how said they were monitoring my computer online and talked me through finding errors and warnings in the event logs.

They are offering to fix these errors which they say are caused by malware and infections on my computer.

I am not stupid enough to jump into something with unsolicited services without checking it out first.

I am not very technical with computers and dont know what these errors and warnings are. Are these something i should worry about, do something about, get someone to check them for me, who should check.

Anyone know about log2 are these legitimate and how have they got my details?

I have a brand new computer at home running windows7 with Mcafee, spybot and adaware running.

I need advice


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Re: errors and warnings in event logs, unsolicited phone calls

This is a scam. Errors in the event logs are common. Just means something minor happened during some operation. Most are not a problem. Semi-serious issues can be found in the Action Center, but most users don't even know about event logs.

I haven't heard of anyone doing it over the phone before. Usually a pop-up offers to do a free scan. Of course they find lots of errors and offer to fix them if you pay. There are no errors, and in addition to getting your money, many dump malware into your machine in order to get even more info so as to steal more from you.

If you use a good AV program and don't go to dangerous sites, you will have no problems.

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