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help my dell xps m1530

i have a dell laptop xps m 1530 i have it set up so that you have to log on before the bios setup then again to log in to windows my question is i recieved a messge that my display driver stopped working so as i downloaded it and it was installing the [power went out now when i push the button to start the computer it wont display nothing it seems like the computer is on but i cant edit or type in my passwords in the correct fields to alow it to start i dont know what else to do ive tried the system disk that came with it hoping that it would find the drivers in there and alow it to come back on but to no avail i dont know what else to do because the screen dont come on so i dont no where to go from here any awnsers would be awesome

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Re: help my dell xps m1530

Is there an image on an external monitor?  This model is known for its faulty nVidia video chip - which is likely the point of failure.  If that has failed, your best bet is to replace the system.

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