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hi need help regarding dell inspiron 7537 15 inch

my bother had bought me thsi laptop from us before 20 days.

i observe usd 3.0 with power share or port near hdmi port is not recognizing pendrives but rest 3 ports the pen-drives are working fine.

i had already contacted dell support in india 

they had updated drivers and said to reset my pc and everything they can do.

after that they had replaced motherboard to new one.

but still problem persists.i am unhappy with laptop and international warranty

why cant i get a new system as a replacement for the laptop i am using india even if i buyed laptop in united states.as is manufacturing defect why cant get new system replacement.

usa support must help me in this issue as i buyed the laptop in US.

then international warranty is waste in my sense

my ownership also transferred to india.

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