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i1440 IDT 92HD71B drivers for Windows XP?

I just bought a very nice i1440, and am trying to downgrade it to XP.  Everything works fine, but I can't seem to find drivers for the IDT sound system (or the Realtek NIC). 

I tried using Dell drivers for an i 1545 to no avail. 

Am I dreaming?  Or are there XP drivers available somewhere for this?



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Re: i1440 IDT 92HD71B drivers for Windows XP?


I don't know of one for your model -- you might have to use a Gateway IDT driver -- but here is a tip. Go to http://support.microsoft.com/kb/888111 and get the UAA driver. Install it and restart the computer. It will help with getting an HD audio driver to install in XP when you find one.


Jim Coates -- 15 years on the Dell Laptop Audio boards -- since 2/6/04 

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