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inspiron 11- per service tag it is supposed to have memory card slot, but it doesnt

So in February I ordered my kid an inspiron 11 as first computer. Later I decided to upgrade the memory and I called Dell and provided my service Tag. Dell told me it had a 2GB memory card and I could upgrade to a 4GB card. I ordered the card and disassembled my computer to find there is no slot to upgrade. After an hour on the phone I find out that what I am looking at is one with a fixed memory module. I told them that per my service tag it is supposed to have a slot and be upgradeable. They told me there is nothing they can do.

So I say how bout you exchange this for one that has what I ordered. They say since its over the 30 days there is no way to return or exchange. I said even though its your fault ???

Am I being unreasonable ? All I want is what I ordered. After a few more calls to India One person finally tells me there is a first and second generation of this laptop. Ist gen has the fixed and the second has the replaceable. So I tell them that per  Dell tag  this is supposed to be 2nd generation and therefor it was built wrong. They again say " we have a 30 day no Hassel return " and your over that.

Any suggestions folks ? I'm sick of beating my head against the wall with these people

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