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inspiron 15 got the 7 beeps of death code

Okay my dell inspiron 15 got the 7 beeps of death code after 6 months of use. I called dell and sent it in under warranty. I checked the depot status and it said it was on a billable hold and I never even got  a call. I called them and asked what's up. They said it was water damaged and wasn't under warranty. First off I never spilled liquids on it and secondly a few quick looks on the web shows many many problems exactly like this with this model. Cheaply made chipset , it needs to be reballed nothing to do with water damage. They wanted to charge me 329 to fix it nearly the same price as the laptop. I said send it back to me then I was offered a special discount of 199. <deleted profanity> what a joke. I told her to send it back. So now to perform the reflow of the CPU by myself to fix it. Great job Dell. Never again.

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RE: Bad customer service. Warranty scam


I don't know a lot about this, but I do know that a reball would give you a better hold than a reflow.  Since you're doing it yourself, wouldn't you agree?



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RE: Bad customer service. Warranty scam

For a successfull reflow it is very important to use the correct flux. Since reflow is not acceptable as a proffessional solution all the high quality flux on the market are designed to be used on reballing with the gpu removed and not for reflow. Until now I have managed to find only one type of high viscocity flux which is specially designed for reflow and it is of great quality. It is called CS-FLUX and you can find it on ebay here


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