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inspiron 15r 5520 room for 2 drive?

i willing to speedup my inspiron 15r 5520. soo i ask dell agent if i can insert an extra ssd to my laptop .this is apart of our chat.

i  : "i wanna install ssd for OS and hdd for storage use only"

Randell V  :  SSD's don't' really require a bios update, it should work with your laptop as long as your laptop has SATA connectors (which it has)"

i  :  bt i mean install 2 drives"

1 ssd and 1 hdd"

"two saperate drives"

Randell V  :   "Yes, the <ADMIN NOTE: Substitute character removed as per TOU> has room for two hard drives. :)"

#i had tell  him my service tag before i ask this question. chat session 55242937

after i buy ssd and try to insert it into the laptop i found no place to insert the ssd,soo i ask dell agent again. but this time i receive a different answer.

Sayeeda R : You can replace the existing harddrive to SSD however it does not have second harddrive bay to Install another harddrive

You can also use USB harddrive



I have checked the details again and unfortunately it does not have 2 harddrive bays ,I will help you with technical experts email ID please contact him as we are from sales dept we have limited access to contact them"

# chat session 56779384

which are the correct 1? if there are a place for the ssd, where is it?

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Re: inspiron 15r 5520 room for 2 drive?

Hi lcyang,

Am sorry about the mis-communication. Inspiron 5520 has room for an SSD. You will have to remove these parts to access the Mini sata port.

AC adapter, Battery, Base door, Optical drive, Keyboard, Palm rest, System board, LCD assembly, Daughter Board

Please find the manual for more information.

Also refer to the picture below.

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Re: inspiron 15r 5520 room for 2 drive?

If you purchased another 2.5" SSD (the same physical size as a hard drive), no - there is no space inside the system for it.  

The drive referred to in the last post is an mSATA drive - a small plug-in card, not  standard drive.  If you did not order your system with one, the connector for the drive likely is not present in the system - if you want to use the drive, you will need to buy the daughterboard to connect it.

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