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inspiron 15r se (7520) radeon fix here.

there is no dell driver update but im here for help πŸ˜„

im user of a10 bios and windows 8.1 x64. muxless switchable based gcn radeon cards ( 7730m and up series ) have dx9 utilization bug. im releasing fixes with him.

uninstall all radeon and hd graphics drivers. pls find ddu uninstaller utility from internet and use it for clean them.

pls install intel hd graphics driver from windows update. ( may be its need twice instal )
pls install radeon hd graphic driver from windows update. ( dont fast reset when done because its installing secretly control panel. pls wait for stop hdd led )

now windows update radeon driver version is  if its not there can be find from windows update catalog.

run regedit. pls search "enableulps". where is its location we modifiying like to there.

(All Dword 32bit value)

KMD_EnableCrossGpuDisplaySupport                      1

KMD_XGDDefaultMaxLocalDisplaysPerGpu              1
PP_DeferFirstStateSwitch                                          1
DALRULE_AllowNativeModeAsDefaultModes            1
GXOUseSclkforProgrammableDispClk                      1

DP_NotSendingLTMessage                                        1

and dont forget select power saver for flashplugin object from catalyst control panel
( start firefox start flash video exit and right click on desktop switchable graphics option )

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RE: inspiron 15r se (7520) radeon fix here.

this fix will help

smoth without problem desktop usage.
better peformance for dx9 gaming.
without stuttering flash video

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RE: inspiron 15r se (7520) radeon fix here.

and pls remove

there is my founded. this all settings realy effecting dx9 applications. and there is more more unoperative setting on driver inf settings. when they cleaned driver will be optimize.

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RE: inspiron 15r se (7520) radeon fix here.

im tried lots of think not satisfied.

and last im modded alienware 17 driver. realy good fit inspiron 7520. ( thanks dell :D:D )

its version 13.251.3 and like best without add any inf modification.

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RE: inspiron 15r se (7520) radeon fix here.
they are closed free access to driver products from http. πŸ˜„ if u cant access this file they closed because.....

run it. it will be expand c:\Dell\Drivers\TX0PW
when see catalyst picture. click exit. dont run.

modded inf:

owerwrite this file to C:\Dell\Drivers\TX0PW\Packages\Drivers\Display\WB6A_INF\

disable driver signature enforcement. how to ?
only difference select "let me pick from a list...." 

select C:\Dell\Drivers\TX0PW\Packages\Drivers\Display\WB6A_INF\CU166324.inf

next next next. there will be a question like " bla bla bla are u install this unknown driver bla bla " (second  option)

driver done.

download lastest mobility compatible catalyst driver pack. run it. it will be expand c:\amd\ directory.
delete drivers directory in it.

start setup. install it will be install catalyst control center.

ccc done.

go C:\Dell\Drivers\TX0PW\Packages\Apps\PXProfile

run PXProfile file. install.

pxprofile done.

run regedit.

search ulps. when u findt it where is it ?

add there listed dword 32 bit values. and set 1


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RE: inspiron 15r se (7520) radeon fix here.

This looks like this just might do the job, But allot of this for me is very confusing? are you trying to say" delete all Drivers-AMD and INTEL----use a driver sweep clean up all traces....

Than let windows update both drivers....After both drivers have been downloaded---Wait till amd is finished...Restart and than disable ULPS?

Can you use the program that disabled ULPS, or should I do this manually?"""

I just Purchased a Dell 15R SE...with a HD 7730....and for the life of me can not figure out the switchable graphics...My kid plays alot of online games, and this laptop will not play them with the Card...Even when I set the Chrome Program to High Performance>>>still wont use the card....I am about half tempted to go back to Windows 7....This Windows 8.1 seems to have a ton of issues.....

let me know if this is the fix and I will try it right away...

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