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inspiron 640m no audio on (some) video!


I apologize in advance for being technoligically challenged, I could really use some help and after having a look around the internet, have been unable to find a solution (not one I can understand anyway).

So, I have had my lappy for probably almost 2 years now, and he has been getting a little slow of late, which I am unsurprised by, but, the audio has been playing up, first it was all jerky (only sometimes) and now it just has decided not to work at all, randomly.  When I play audio through itunes it works fine, but if I am watching youtube clips or other streaming media online, there is like a 50% chance the video will work fine but no audio.  It's not certain clips or sites either, because one day a clip will play fine with audio and the next it won't.

Also, even when laptop was brand new, media player would be kind of weird and decide that certain DVDs were not set to my region sometimes even if they were, then other times it would play them fine.  Recent example of this is playing the first disc of my arrested development box set and not the second...!

I have Vista, if that makes a difference. 

If anyone has any suggestions or kindly advice (I know this probably sounds like a very basic question) I would really appreciate the help!


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