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international warranty

My cousin is going to buy dell laptop in saudiarabia with 2 years international warranty.If any problem occurs how i can repair it india and where.Please tell me the complete procedures.Because a laptop technician said that dell laptop have no such international warranty..u cannot repair it India.Only hp,toshiba have international warranty.So i want to know how i can maintain the warranty for 2 years in india

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RE: international warranty


International warranty is available and applicable where Dell have a service center / authorized service partner.

Once you have purchased the system, you could fill up the ownership / warranty transfer form here -

As long as the model being purchased is available globally, the parts would be replaced as available.

Let us know if you have any other queries.

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RE: international warranty

Dell has no official sales channel in Saudi Arabia -- so anything that's bought there is sold, warranted and supported solely by the selling dealer.  Any warranty on the system will require a return to the original point of sale for service.

Dell does have official support in India;  translation:  buy the system there if it's where it is to be used.  No matter what the dealer in SA tells you, the warranty on a system bought in that country WILL NOT apply to and will not be transferable to India.

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