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keyboard stopped working and backlight intermittent

Studio 1555 (pur. 11/2009)- yesterday the battery power ran down entirely (due to power outage days ago at home when computer was powered on). I plugged in quickly and rebooted/went to full charge. Within about 2 hours of this, the keyboard has started to be unresponsive. The backlight fades in and out. The little  light above AC adaptor port doesn't stay on either. Though I am plugged in and charging. I've rebooted a few times to no success-no keyboard functionality at all . Touchpad and external mouse and everything else works as normal. Ideas are welcome and appreciated.

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RE: keyboard stopped working and backlight intermittent

Follow the below mentioned steps:
Try Fn+F6 keys to turn on the settings. There are three options On, Off and Techno Rave on the same Fn+F6 keys. So keep on pressing those keys until the keyboard setting is turned on.

If the issue still persists then follow the below mentioned link for Dell Diagnostics Utility:


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