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keyboard 'touch'

My Dell laptop's keyboard seems to have an unusual touch.  Extra characters seem to be added to my typing and sometimes spaces are not added or two spaces are added.  I've always attributed it to my poor typing skills, but I'm now wondering if there is any way I can change the sensitivity or touch to the keyboard itself??

Any suggestions or solutions will be thankfully accepted.


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RE: keyboard 'touch'

Not short of changing the keyboard itself - which you should request if the system is under warranty.

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RE: keyboard 'touch'

You might try going into the old control panel -ease of access- make the keyboard easier to use and see if  any of the boxes are checked there.  Uncheck them all under keyboard .Dont know if it is your problem but my keyboard certainly worked better after unchecking them.Also  check repeat rate under settings--devices--keyboard.. Hope this helps.Otherwise it does sound like a hardware problem.

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