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laptop issues! xps/15z SUPPORT ISSUES!!!!


I recently purchased a dell xps/15z and right away had fan issues(louder than a prop airplane starting and stopping) plus a few minor glitches to boot.. I'm far from a computer whiz and contacted dell.. They sent a box for me to send back my new laptop to fix,,

All was ok til I got it back and the screen was blank!! No programs I had ordered with the new computer etc(macafee) system mechanic plus all my other programs ordered exclusively thru dell..photoshop etc for editing pics and dock etc etc.. all erased and I didn't know what to do?

Called dell and the hardware guys fixed a few problems and then transfered me to software who wanted 100.+ dollars to fix issues???   Is it just me or is this a bit much!!  Now I have a new computer that I'm not sure will work properly until I have these issues resolved??

The original guy I spoke with attempted to download some files etc but a lot failed and would not download? He then transfered me..Now I have no idea what has been downloaded what works? what is missing? ETC ETC..

On the verge of packing this up and sending it back for good !!! 





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Re: laptop issues! xps/15z SUPPORT ISSUES!!!!

I would say that this type of scenario is common especially if you are going to send them your computer. It will came back to you with something quite different.

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Re: laptop issues! xps/15z SUPPORT ISSUES!!!!

Check if you have any discs that can help you.

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