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laptop not starting

my laptop dell inspiron 5520 is not getting starting...initially when this problem gets started after doing 5 7 times..but nw its nt getting video coming...but sound of fan is coming and charging is also being done...kindly help

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RE: laptop not starting


Does the issue occur with or without the power adapter connected? When you press the power button, does the light on the power button come on and stay on or does it flash? 

Run the LCD bist - Turn off the system and press and hold the "D" key + power button to turn on the system and it should run the LCD built in self test - see this link for more info -

Also, try running the diags - turn off the machine and press and hold the fn key and power button to turn on the system and check if there are any beeps encountered. The exact # of beeps could help isolate the issue.

Try connecting an external monitor and check if it works.

Keep us updated.

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