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laptop shut down, can't log on

i was in the middle of working on my laptop when i received a blue screen stating that it was dumping information. after i turned it back on i pressed the button to start windows normally. when the log on page came up i used my regular password to log on but it said my username or password is incorrect. when i click to reset it won't allow me to reset my password. HELP!!!

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Re: laptop shut down, can't log on


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If you only have one user account (which is not letting you log in), you wont be able to get into the windows to reset the login password.

For help to resolve login password issue use the link below:


If you are not using windows 7, you have an option to choose your operating system on the top of the document.

If you only have one user account(which is not working), to fix the issue you may need to perform manual reinstall of windows using the windows disk.

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