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laptop stuck in hibernation


My computer is an Inspiron 11z P03T. 

So here's what happened. The computer was dropped with no damage to the hard drive. However, I did have to take it apart and repair the AC connector and the hinges and clean out all the bits of plastic floating around in it. The computer turns on fine, the fan goes and all that, but the screen won't come on. I've perused other forums and I think it's in hibernation. What I mean is, the lid doesn't recognize that it's open, and thinks it's still closed. On a side note, it has turned on a couple times in between taking it apart, so I know the screen or backlight isn't broken or anything like that.

I've already held down the power button without the battery or AC plugged in, and internally cleaned it. So here's the question, how does the lid know when it's open and closed? I'd like to disable it, wherever it is. The computer isn't in warranty, and I'd rather not pay lots for it to be repaired.

I've taken apart repaired many computers, so I'm not nervous about messing around with it, if that is what it will require to fix it.


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