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i purchased a alienware 17 r4 and received it on october 24th. right out the box i noticed my games wouldn"t run right when i had the default 120hz on in nvidia control panel. my games would stutter so i put all graphics options on low and still laptop would drop down to 1 frame then go back up every 20 seconds. the next couple of weekends i tried to play my games at 60hz and that worked. i paid for the 120hz panel so yesterday tied everything i could think of. i overclocked the system, flashed new bios, still no 120hz game play.  i then went on dells website and ran a diagnostic check and my monitor went black.i called dell and they did a remote access and determined that i need to send in for repairs. a brand new laptop, really? in for repairs? these things happen but the more i look into dell the more stories i hear about these laptops being rushed and not properly built with heatsink problems and other things. do i send back for a refund or wait for a brand new computer to have repairs and maybe work as intended?     dell service tag 956561384 express service code <Express service code removed>

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It's up to you but the clock is ticking if you want a system replacement -- which is what I'd choose to do.  You must request that within 30 days of the ship date.

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