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mSata connector on 3460

Dear dell company,

As soon as i saw that my dell vostro 3460 should support mSata drive, i bought one.

I assumed it should support acording to this post : link on your forum.

Rajath N "Dell Social Media and Community Professional" wrote:
" Vostro 3450 does not support mSATA. Vostro 3460 supports it as per our documentation."
It is consumer misleading, since my Dell vostro 3460-4776 does not have this connector(as you can see in the picture.
I just spent money for new mSata for nothing.

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RE: mSata connector on 3460

The daughterboard that's required can be added -- it's just not standard equipment unless you ordered the system from the factory with the mSATA drive.


You'll need that part.

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