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md3patch error using Media Direct 3 recovery disk for reinstall

My Inspiron 6000 hard drive crashed last week and I'm replacing it with e and trying to reinstall Media Direct 3 / Windows XP.  I'm following the instuctrions by runing media direct first to partition the HD.  But, while the partitioning is completed sucessfully, I get the following error:


Running Media Direct Tools to Activate MD3 Button Capability 

[md3patch] Updating XLOADER on disk 80h 

[md3patch] Unable to Locate Media Direct BIOS Table

[DOIT.BAT] MD3PATCH - Error setting up the MD3 power button strike a key when ready...


I can successfully reinstall windows at this point, but when I try to continue with the Media Direct DVD after the windows reinstall it fails. 


I'm running BIOS version A09, as far as I know it is the most recent version.



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