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msata as boot drive on Dell 7720

Hi Folks,

Please help me, I have pulled my hair out trying to make a 256 gig msata a true boot drive with no other hard drive in system.

However I can get it to work by having the msata boot but the system reserved partition sets on a nother hard drive. which when I pull the hard drive out of system it will not boot. but if I put a windows os disk in dvd drive and let it find it first it will then go ahead and boot from msata.

I am sure other people has had this problem and some body has figured it out, but not me.

If I use Dells directions it does work but it puts the system reserved on a hard drive rather then msata



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RE: msata as boot drive on Dell 7720

Whether you installed Windows anew on the SSD or cloned the existing drive, be sure you REMOVE the original hard drive from the system until after Windows has fully booted for the first time - do not leave the original drive in the system until then.

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