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my computer crash when i try to launch games

half year ago, i bought a laptop from dell, inspiron 17r, with windows 8 as a operating system. i installed the game "assassin's creed" on my laptop and it worked perfectly, but a month ago i upgraded my operating system to windows 8.1, and i tried to play the same game, "assassin's creed", but my computer crashed and it showed to my an orange screen and their it wrote that the problem name is "DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (igdkmd64.sys)". so i wrote to Microsoft a massage and they told my to upgrade my drivers. so i did it, but the problem is still show up! so i wrote to Microsoft again and they told my to write to dell and to check out if all my drivers are the correct drivers. so if someone can help me to check if all my drivers are the correct drivers it could be realy niceSmiley Happy

thanks to all the people  that will helpSmiley Happy

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