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my inspiron 600m want start up

i have inspiron 600m . it is not starting up i used it last night and switched it off and after 2 hrs when i turned it on again it was not switchin again. the two green lights go on for a few seconds and then gets switched off . i guess its the problem with the BIOS is ther anyway i can fix it up . thanks in advance .

insoiron 600m , 1.7 ghz , 512 ram , 60gb hard drive.
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If your system will not power on try some or all of the following.

>Remove the ac adapter and the battery for two minutes then reconnect the ac adapter and try powering the system up.

>Remove the ac adapter, the battery, and the harddrive then put the harddrive back in and try it on ac power only.

>Try starting the system without the harddrive in the system.

>Remove hardware components one at a time and see if the system will start after that.

If the system will not power up with a certain hardware component install then that component may be faulty.

If the system will not power on no matter what, then the processor or motherboard may be faulty.

You can email Dell by Clicking Here for assistance.

Please include your system service tag and a description of the problem and troubleshooting done to try to resolve it.

You can also call Dell Technical Support. The phone number to contact our US Mobile Computing Hotline is 800-822-8965 for Corporate/Government Accounts or at 800-247-9252 for Direct accounts.

You will be connected to a Technical Specialist who will help you resolve the issue over the phone or arrange the appropriate service.

If you are outside of the United States, you will need to contact Dell in your global area.

Thank you for choosing Dell.

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This sounds like the same problem I was having with my 8600 and that another member was having with his 9100.  Taking out and re-seating the RAM fixed it for me.  I did that a few days ago and I haven't had the problem since.
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thanks guys . i removed all the components one by one and tried doing it but it doesnt start up even then . i am not in USA now . i tried calling the local customer care here but i couldnt get assistance as i dont have the service tag . the back sticker is scaraped completely and i cant read any charecters. i tried explainig to the dell rep to help me start the sytem, and then ill give him the service tag since its stored . well that girl couldnt understand and just hung up . now i dont wanna take iot to some local technician out here . dont know wat to do guys . pls help .  could it be a problem with the bios chip or somethin . can it be replaced .


thanks once again



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can any one help pls
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