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my laptop stollen bought in 2013

Hi All,

I bought a laptop in dec 2013 and its recently stolen. I have order number ,but donot know how can i find the serial number ,sothat police can find it easily.

its a gift and i do not want to loose it. Help me please 


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RE: my laptop stollen bought in 2013

The service tag number is the serial number -- it's on your invoice, and on the box the system came in.  It it can also be obtained by calling Dell support with the order information.  You can also report it stolen in case anyone attempts to contact Dell.

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RE: my laptop stollen bought in 2013


Rather unfortunate that your system was stolen.

If you could send me a private message with the order# and your contact details, based on the owner verification, we can provide you with the required details and we could also flag the system as stolen in our records. For faster communication, you could contact us via Twitter - @dellcarespro

Keep us updated.

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