my voice is heard like a male voice

hi... i own a dell 1525 laptop... when i do a voice chat using the inbuilt mic ,.. my voice is heard like a male voice

im a female..... pls help me.... i dont know how to correct it...

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Re: my voice is heard like a male voice

Hi nishachandran84 and welcome to Dell Forums.

Since no one has answered you, I am going out on a limb here.

I am guessing you are using Skype (another messenger application). It has a special effect voice sound option to fool around. Check in sound option/microphone.

If not, it could be a wrong audio driver. See here:


Since you do not say what OS you are running in your laptop, You can choose the driver here:


Hope it helps.



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Re: my voice is heard like a male voice


Here is a suggestion in addition to iroc9555's advice. Other posters have referred to audio effects that alter the sound through the mic. See if they are turned on and disable them. See if you can find them by following this path:

Start>Programs>Dell Webcam>Laptop Integrated Webcam>Dell Webcam Console

Look for a tab on the top left saying "effects", under "audio effects" and unclick the enable box. (This path was originally posted by forum member AbbyCharlotte.)


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