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need help with e6420 xfr broadband what a mess....

I have a e6420 xfr that has built in broadband dw5800 g4 and when I got it had a verision sim but I have a data plan with att so I got me a sim from att installed it and att activated it,

When I opened the mobile broadband list and go to the properties of att the APN is still showing up as version, and when I change it to att it will work until reboot it takes about 10 mins to shut down hitting a blue screen that flashes by too fast to read but says something about a driver power problem.

when I get back started the ARN is back to version ,

I am guessing I have a mess with a couple things,

how do I make it stay on att APN and what is the correct drivers I should have for this, what I have isn't happy,

Many thanks

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