new Dell Inspiron 7537 crashes when idle windows 8.1

I first bought a refurbished Lenovo three weeks ago and returned it thinking that the continuos crashes were related to it being a reworked computer. I then bought a BRAND NEW DELL Inspiron 7537 i5 and was thrilled... until I got home and spent hours updating and loading my software. I walked away from the computer for about 20 minutes and when I returned I could not get the computer to respond to my commands. Crash no. 1. Since then the computer has crashed at least 20 times. I'm at my wits end with this whole siduation. When can we expect a fix to all these issues with windows 8.1? I feel like I have wasted the $700.00 plus I have spent on upgrading my computer. 

windows 8.1 sucks!!! HELP HELP HELP ME PLEASE

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