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I have had Dell computers since mid 1990’s, and recently bought a new Dell laptop. I trusted their products and quality control. However my latest purchase has now shown me that Dell has lost respect for the customer, along w/ lacking quality control.  I bought a new Dell laptop expecting it to run when i received it.  IT DIDNT.  I tried it again and again.  It kept saying "hard drive error" and "hard drive not installed." It was frustrating to receive a supposed new laptop that didn’t work.  I gave Dell the benefit of the doubt when they said they would repair it. It irked me however that i bought and paid for a new laptop that was NEVER USED BY ME AND NEEDED REPAIR? So i sent it back hoping it was just a simple error. I received it the 2nd time (still unrepaired and w/ same problem!) Really??  So now I don't want to keep it. After 2x coming to me not working, i want a refund and deserve it.Dell now is saying it is beyond the return period, even though they know its never worked for me.I have discussed this issue w/ a tech, and my family, and they all agree i deserve a refund.  I am 69+ widow living in rural area on sm SS income. I only wanted a new Dell laptop.  I am sad and disappointed.

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