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no audio device is installed in XPS 1530.

i got vista sp1

xps 1530

and every thing worked well.

i used to connect the hdmi to my samsung A450, and it worked fine

one day it stoped working, and i couldnt use the HDMI as defulte, i couldnt disable the SigmaTel High Definition Audio CODEC ethier.

i tryed to TEST the HDMI connection, and it worked with sound coming out of the tv.

so i tryed to reinstall the drivers.

now i have little red cross near my sound volume level. (as in the picture)

i tryed:

install newest drivers

install original drivers that came on CD

Restore windows to the time b4 i reinstalled anything.


the SOUND CARD works, it works in the DELL MEDIA that can run without the evil vista.


hope for fast answer

and i hope i wont have to reinstall vista because of this.

thank you.


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Re: no audio device is installed in XPS 1530.

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