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no sound when using HDMI in mode

I have my PS3 hooked up to my Alienware M18x using the HDMI in port on the laptop but can not get any sound through the laptop.  Can anyone explain to me how to fix this problem so I can play the new God Of War game I just got.

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Jim Coates
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Re: no sound when using HDMI in mode

This is a problem that I don't recall ever being addressed before. Usually HDMI audio is discussed in terms of output, but your question is about input.

I would look at the Windows Sound properties, the Recording tab (right click the audio icon in the taskbar & click Recording devices), because that is where audio input devices are shown. Right click a blank area and select both show disabled & show disconnected devices. If there is an HDMI audio device there or a "digital" input, set it as default.

If you do find such a device, in order to hear it you might have to enable that function on the Listen tab (select the device, then click Properties, then the Listen tab, tick "listen to this device".

Also you might try updating the graphics driver. For HDMI output, the graphics driver is the controller, so I suppose that is true for HDMI input although I am just guessing. Another source of information that might be able to help you is the Alienware Club section of this forum.

Jim Coates -- 15 years on the Dell Laptop Audio boards -- since 2/6/04 

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