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on-screen keyboard not working in tablet mode

Got an inspiron 13 7000 yesterday and trying to use for first time.  When switching to tablet mode, the virtural/on-screen keyboard cannot be selected for use.  It is available in laptop mode (when I don't need it because of the large keyboard in front of me), but not table.

So, I called tech support and was told it was outside of regular tech and they'd transfer me to software tech.  They said there is normally a fee for this support, but since the computer is brand new, there would be not charge.  Software tech refused to help me unless I paid and they transferred me back to hardware tech who put me on hold, then hung up on me.

Wow, nice support on a brand new product!  They want me to pay to get their defective product to work?  I guess it would be cheaper for them to pay for a return shipping label, give me a full refund and sell this as a refurb at half of what they sold it to me for then for them to actually spend a few minutes on the phone trying to help. 

Before I return this and buy another brand, does anyone know how to get the on-screen keyboard to work on tablet mode?

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