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overheating issue with dell vostro 3500

i recently bought a new dell vostro 3500 , it runs perfectly except for one thing , if i play a game that requiresheavy use of the graphics card the computer overheats and shuts down suddenly ,this can happen if i play a game or watch a long video while the laptop is on a hard surface like a desk , so i bought a laptop cooler and this no longer happens with videos and simple games , the problem is that the laptop overheats with a cooler running when i play heavy graphics using games like starcraft 2 or dragon age , and many others , in the starcraft 2 example it can shut down after 10 minutes of gameplay from complete shutdown(shutting down the laptop and letting it cool off completely) .

i've updates the bios from a9 to a10 , no dust visible on the air vents ,i'am using the latest drivers , using a cooler pad(not the best but not the worst) .

can this problem be fixed if i contact local dell support and have them replace the fans and get better cooling , cause this is really annoying when i try  to play a game and the laptop shuts down without warning ,i'am afraid this might happen when i'am updating , is this a hardware issue or software issue( video driver??) , the laptop is still new and i have more than 4 years of warranty left ,before dell vostro 3500 i had a vostro 1500 for 5 years  and i never took it for repairs, not even once , sure it gave an ungodly heat sometime but it never shut down because of it even when i left i running for months without shutting it down once , i bought the new laptop for gaming puposes mainly so what use is it when it overheats all the time ?

is there a way to make the laptop hibernate instead of shutting down when it overheats or near to it in windows? like a program that makes windows hibernate instead of shutdown when it overheats .

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Re: overheating issue with dell vostro 3500

More active cooling may help.

As in a re-useable ice pack under the laptop.

People Flame about these saying it will build up moisture but i dont have that issue.

Lifoam Leisure Products 4943 The Glacier Ice Pack 62 Oz

(7 3/8” x 9.5" x 1.5” / 62 oz)

Lifoam Leisure Products 4943 The Glacier Ice Pack 62 Oz

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Re: overheating issue with dell vostro 3500

My suggestion?  RUN, don't walk to Dell support and request a repair.  And get something in writing about how long the repair is warranteed.  You've had it less than a year, so even if it's not covered under the "standard" terms of repair, Dell should do the right thing and fix it.  This problem will only get worse.

I've had a Vostro 3500 since late 2010 and the overheating problem has been a big deal for me.

I purchased the Vostro with as many bells and whistles as I could afford  --- tons of memory, upgraded processor, webcam, etc.  And then it started crashing.   I'm a freelance web developer.  My computer is my paycheck.

The automatic shutdown is related to the laptop overheating. Dell came out to replace the motherboard and "heat sink," or whatever it's called in techno terms.  This fixed the problem temporarily.  But the problem's back and my warrantee has expired.  The laptop has crashed twice in the past 2 days at the worst possible time.  And I'm out of warrantee, so I can't even talk to Dell about it without paying $$.

So here I am, backing up my files, apologizing to my clients and shopping for a new computer.

I know technology moves quickly, but less than 3 years is a very short life span for me.


P.S.:  And the idea of having to use an ice pack under the laptop is just plain silly.  Who wants to buy a laptop that requires an ice pack to function?

Re: overheating issue with dell vostro 3500

am also same problem what to do

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Re: overheating issue with dell vostro 3500

I prop up the back of the laptop with a small remote control.  The extra 3/4" seems to help with air circulation, and actually helps typing ergonomics.

Not perfect, esp. when graphics are running.  But better than ice packs.

Adding a small desktop fan to the equation helps even more.  I put it behind the screen and direct it to the new space created by propping up the back.

It's ridiculous that we have to resort to these tricks, but they seem to help.

Finally: a colleague suggests that the problem is an expiring battery.  I'm not ready to plunk down the cash for one on a lark, especially since the troubles antedate the warning popups I've started to see regarding the "end of useful battery life."  But I do toggle off the charging mode (Fn+F2) when the laptop is plugged in and fully charged.

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Re: overheating issue with dell vostro 3500

You probably have a Vostro 3500 with NVidea chip, that overheats.
Customers from Dell, HP and Apple had sued that company (check California
Court). My machine lasts less than 2 years and is dead now. The problem started
as you described. Dell Brazil is offering me the same configuration I do not
trust anymore. I want to pay for an upgrading to another video chip, no answers
up to now.

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Re: overheating issue with dell vostro 3500

I ended up buying a Zalman netbook cooler (ZM-NC 1000) and am very happy with it as a workaround.

It wasn't cheap, it isn't realistic to take the cooler platform with you every time you grab your laptop to go somewhere, and I'm still annoyed that Dell sells stuff that is practically designed to fail. But as I use mine chiefly as a desktop replacement, I think the cooling pad it will do the trick--in fact, it provides a more ergonomic angle for typing.

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Re: overheating issue with dell vostro 3500

I resolved by buying a laptop cooler table. Around 60 dollars u can buy one.

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RE: overheating issue with dell vostro 3500

There are two things you can do.

First clean the cpu+gpu cooler. Over the years it could retain a lot of dust and make it harder to cool the system.

If doing that doesnt fix the problem. You can change the thermal compound/paste, that over the years could dry and lose heat transfer capabilities. So buy an good thermal paste and change it.

I highly recommend that you use a copper shim (copper mod) on the gpu too. When I done that improved a lot the colling system. It consists on placing a copper shim between the gpu and the heatsink.

From factory dell put an thermal pad to fill that gap that exists between the gpu and the heatsink. (The cpu doesnt have this gap) but it isnt an excelent thermal compound. Puting the copper shim and using a good thermal paste increases heat transfer because copper is an excellent thermal conductor and increases pressure between the gpu and the heatsink.

You can easly find on ebay for a dollar. One copper shim having 15x15x1mm is enough. A thickness of 1 mm already gives a good pressure.

If you have any trouble please follow this guide


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RE: overheating issue with dell vostro 3500

There are four things you should do in order to keep you laptop running as cool as possible. I recomend to do these every 6-12 months.

1 Clean the fun and heatsink very carefully.

2 put some lubricant in the axis of the fan.  Wd40 is perfect for this job

3 replace the thermal paste. You must first clean old thermal paste with some alcohol very well and then place a small drop of a good (not cheap chinise) not electricaly conductive thermal paste in the center of all components that need it. 

4 replace all thermal pads. You should't reuse old pads. This is a very common reason of video board failure. You must replace them. I always use a specially designed viscuw thermal paste called K5-PRO. 

You can see a video of it on YouTube here


And you can buy it here


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