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plugged in not charging customer service

How many people have posted about this problem for so many years w/o a Dell solution? I feel like a total idiot for buying Dell. If you are reading this, it is because you likely have the problem too. I encourage you to help others by posting truthful Dell reviews on as many web pages as possible so that we can warn and possibly spare others from having our Dell experience.

I have a new (refurbished) retail $1,000+ Dell Inspiron i7 laptop that cannot be unplugged without the AC adaptor not capable of recharging the computer. The error message stating similar words,  "Plugged-in not recharging cannot recognize ac adaptor."  I must wait until the battery drains to between 0-5% before the laptop will accept the AC adaptor charge.  It is a dell ac adaptor. When the battery gets to less than 80% the performance of the computer declines in an effort to extend the battery time. In effect, if I accidently use my laptop as a laptop by unplugging it --the computer will not function normally until I let it drain to approximately zero. Then, I plug the AC adaptor back-in and just be patient until the computer kicks-in to recharge.

The "solutions" on this form do not work. YouTube solutions do not work. I have spent countless hours getting the run around from technical support "we cannot fix this problem and we will not honor the warranty and we cannot give you direction on how to get this problem fixed. Please hold. Would you be interested in buying more products? we stress that we are empathetic and sorry and we will do nothing (code language you are an idiot for buying Dell)." --give me a break!

Any thoughts?

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I'll post more web reviews and additional web sites to post reviews and encourage you to write truthful reviews.  

In the off chance that there is someone out there with a 2017 work-around to the Dell AC adaptor problem, please post. It appears that Dell does not know how to fix the problem.

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RE: plugged in not charging customer service

A new system that shows up faulty - even if refurbished - is best replaced.  Contact Dell or the reseller to arrange a return.

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