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portable external display for Inspiron 1440, I'm a graphic Designer.

I'm already satisfied with the speed and performance of my Inspiron 1440, I do a lot of graphics. But I can't rely on the screen of my laptop, I plugged it on my external monitor when I'm dealing with colors in Photoshop.


I'm looking for a portable monitor/ external display that I can always bring when I'm away or not in my office. looking for a display that is similar to the size of my laptop (14") and is light to carry. 12" to 14" would be fine. When I was looking for a portable display, I saw this usb monitor, But I'm not really sure what to pic. Any similar cases on me?


some Issues of my Inspiron 1440 is when I move my head or tilt it a bit, the colors change so I can't really trust what i see. I'm open to your suggestions.


Thanks in Advance! 

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