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problem regarding my display in inspiron 7720 se?

I actually shipped inspiron 7720 se from us through my brother for first two months its worked seamlessly I was in love with this lappy but now a disturbing thing happened one day I left my lappy on to download planetside 2 when I returned the display was blank it was not in sleep mode when I used the track pad the display wont show since I am using win8 there is an option called swipe multitasking when I swiped my track pad it came to life for some few sec before it went blank the effect is comparable to one we see when we open or close an application I then tried for fee second its like it came and again went off I know the pc is running on background but display wont show then I had no choice to press the power button when I restarted no problem the display worked fine now after two weeks today I had same problem but this time was tapping esc button repeatedly and the display came to life and thank god I didn't have to force shutdown now its working fine like charm now I am confused is there any prob in my lappy or is it just a tempo glitch I have been  using for 3 months first two no problem but in third month only it came that too oly 2 times that's also after long duration between them like two weeks

note :it was not in sleep mode,plus battery was low on charge it was not plugged in ,now no problem incident occurred only two times that too after a week I guess and I was working on the whole week never did the prob came when I told my dad he thinks its a temporarly glitch and told me to leave it and that's it not an issue and its working what do u guys think is there a problem please help ? :'(

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RE: problem regarding my display in inspiron 7720 se?

Hi dellx,

Please update the BIOS and video driver using the link.

http://dell.to/14pQrMG BIOS

Connect the Ac Adapter while updating the BIOS and do not use the system until it restarts after the update.

http://dell.to/171BQW6 Intel driver

http://dell.to/11ZL7Qq nvidia driver

After updating the drivers in case the issue occurs right at that stage please connect an external monitor and check if the display works?

Thanks and regards,
Senthil S
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