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reset bios password on dell 1100 laptop


   i have an acct with dell with my 530s made in dec and am quite happy for the most part with it. my problem is i purchased a dell 1100 laptop at my church bazzar 9NO BATT OR CHARGER PRETTY BEAT UP. however upon replacing the batt and charger i now need to reset the bios password. i have registered my name as the new owner with dell.  after contacting them for assistance i was told that they need a zipcode from when it was purchased new. i have tried to find the person who donated this machine but to no avail. so is there someone kinder than the (SO VERY KIND SIR) indies who could assist me . thanking you in advance ray

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Re: reset bios password on dell 1100 laptop

First I would try to use the ZIP CODE for the Church you bought it from.

2nd, Contact the Church, ask if they could put announcement for you in their Bulletin and Post a Notice in the Church to try to find the 'Donor'.

Last, I used to remove the BIOS Battery, for 30 seconds, from Desktop PCs to Reset the Password. This might work with Laptops.

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