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screen goes black when not in safe mode (XPS 1530).

After installing the most recent windows updates to my Dell XPS 1530, my screen shuts off when booting up  normally after the windows 7 fancy animation. I am able to run everything normally in safe mode. I have tried to run a system restore, but this does not help.


Let me know what additional information you require, and thanks in advance for the help!

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Welcome to the Dell Community.

If your system is working normally in safe mode, it can be an application or video driver causing the issue. 

First, you can try to uninstall the Video driver from device manager (Start - Control panel - Device Manager) restart your system and check if it works. 


Try disabling the startup items and restarting your computer. Go to Start - Run or Start Search - type MSCONFIG and hit OK or click on it in the search results - a System Configuration window will pop up (If you have enabled User Account Control, it may ask you to confirm if you want to continue. Click Allow) - Select Start up from the Menu Bar on the top - click on Disable All - Click Apply and Ok - it will prompt you to restart the computer - Click Restart Now. 

See if the computer boots up in the normal mode now.

  • If it boots up in the normal mode, you will have to check for the application or the item conflicting with the system resulting in blank screen. i.e., you will need to go to system configuration window as mentioned above and try enabling 5 items at a time (instead of one at a time which takes lot of time) and drill down to the application causing the issue, uninstall and reinstall it on the computer if you need it. 
  • If the problem persists, which is very unusual - try and run any Malware and Trojan removal tools to make sure there is no infections on the computer.

 Let me know if you need anything else.


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