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sick laptop

hello i have a dell latitude d410 with windows xp professional. it will not boot any more it says can not boot volume..so my question is how do you attempt a recover when the laptop has no  optical drives such as floppy or cdrom...service tag is <ADMIN NOTE:Service tag removed per privacy policy>

thank you in advance if anyone can help.

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Re: sick laptop

First thing is to see whether the BIOS sees the hard drive (F2 at powerup).  If it doesn't, reseat (remove and reinstall) the drive.  If it 's then found, run a diagnostic (F12 at powerup).

If it's not found after reseating, the drive is toast - if you need the data, you'll have to contact a data recovery company.  This is usually successful but will be expensive - think $2,000+.

If the drive IS found but is failing, remove it, mount it in a USB 2.0 case and attach it to a working system to see what you can recover.


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