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something wrong with my drivers? xps m1530?

i'm still working on fixing my computer issues. just about every driver i have tried to use fails me.

BIOS version/date: dell inc. a09, 7/14/2008
SMBIOS version: 2.4

 so... basically, i'm running windows 7. i think that's all you need. and there's my bios version
i had the typical dell m1530 microphone issues, fixed that myself via symantec or something. everything was okay, and then i started getting the typical dell 1530 "usb port 2.0" pop up that said something about it being faster every time my lid would move certain degrees. and it always affected my webcam. managed to fix it for no more than a day, and it's back to the same thing. my webcam driver R165116.EXE , no matter how much i reinstall it, always ends up failing me. and now if i access anything to do with this camera even via app, it gives me the blue screen of death. i tried to take a photo of that with my camera so someone could help me determine the stop code and lead me towards fixing that issue, but now if i put in my sd card, it tells me "Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware because a previous instance of the device driver is still in memory. (Code 38)"
oh. my god. maybe this might not seem like a lot of work, but i've tried so much and i really need my laptop for important reasons and these issues worry me to death. especially that it keeps crashing like it does. i can't do very much without a driver issue coming up.
these things have been going on for a while, i'm not sure if doing a system restore would fix this or not, or if i could even find a point in time they would all work. 
uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers doesn't help. as a matter of fact, every time the computer starts back up whether it crashed or whatever, it tries to update them itself as if they weren't installed before though they were when it turned off and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. 
looking up these issues, dell had them all. i guess it's safe to say dell freaking sucks when it comes to some of their laptops. i see it's always the same ones.
i'm at a loss. is there anything else i can try? updating bios maybe? and then what about my blue screen of death issue? should i make another post for that one seperately or can someone help me with that also in this thread? i am so ignorant when it comes to these things and don't want to make the wrong move and make the issues worse. thank you so much.

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RE: something wrong with my drivers? xps m1530?

     Sounds like time to either A) Run the Factory Image Restore from the Advanced boot settings. (F8 at boot, Repair Computer, Dell Backup and Recovery) or B) Check Dell Community Rockstar Natakuc4's website designed for JUST this sort of multiple issues. It's a process...not something you do before lunch. and  read a bit before you set to writing a Mersenne Twister to your hard drive! Here's the link to that Guide. If you get a chance to use it and it's useful drop Natakuc4 a quick thx. GOOD LUCK! 


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RE: something wrong with my drivers? xps m1530?

Thanks for referencing my guides. Just want to add that I have also listed Windows 7 drivers for this model:

Regarding the webcam. There should be no need to install the XP Webcam driver as Windows 7 has an inbuilt webcam driver. You may however wish to install Dell Webcam Central Windows 7 version R230103 which is listed as part of these driver sets.

I would advise clean installing Windows 7 from scratch by following my guides and then installing the drivers I recommend (ignoring the dated drivers for older versions of Windows on the Dell Website completely).

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