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strange behavior of Yuan DVB-T card in Studio 1749

A few months ago i ordered a Yuan Hybrid DVB-T/analog mini-PCIe half size tuner card for my Dell Studio 1749. Mounting was not an issue at all, since every necessary wire was already there. I downloaded the drivers from the Dell homepage, scanned for channels using Windows Media Center (on Windows 7 x64) successfully. But as soon as i tried to watch tv, i found the image green in vast parts, with apparently very bad signal.

It is safe to say, that it is not the reception: i am using a roof-top-antenna, which provides excellent signal for other devices in the house, so i thougt it might be a bad quality tuner card. But that isn't the case, too: I found a workaround. When I disable and re-enable the Tuner in the devices manager, and restart the computer as requested by windows, the image is flawless in media center. In the end I am able to watch TV - but I have to restart my PC before.

My question is: Is there a solution that makes the Tuner work just as it should, without having to restart my PC?

Thank you!

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