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switchable graphics for Rome 2

Hi I have a Inspiron 15R SE (7520) with both the Intel 4000 and the AMD Radeon HD 7730M 2GB. I am trying to play Rome 2 but it will only recognize the Intel card even though in CCC I have the game set to High Performance. This is ridiculously frustrating as it seems this problem is everywhere with the switchable graphics option and no clear solution has yet been found. No the game isn't playing with the AMD card until I check on it, it can barely run with the Intel card, which is what it is doing. I cannot set any of the graphics options because the game doesn't know the Radeon card exists. 

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RE: switchable graphics for Rome 2

Hi Odin77,

Inspiron 7520 with AMD Radeon HD 7730A graphics card supports dynamic switchable graphic function. Displays are always exposed to the OS through integrated graphics (Intel graphics 4000). This is the reason it will always show as Intel Graphics 4000 is in use. There is no physical connection between AMD GPU and the display screen. All graphic intensive processes are done by the AMD Radeon HD 7730M graphics card and passed on to the application through the Intel HD Graphics 4000. This is the way the system is designed to function.

Let me know the exact issue you are facing while playing the game.

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