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waves maxx audio and wmp not working together

. my question is that I could not get music to play in wmp and tried a lot of things with no solution. trouble shooter, rebuilding wmp data base ect. the troubleshooter said wmp was corrupted. I been waiting days for an answer on forums. trying things myself I found that disabling maxx audio wmp works just fine. I would like to have maxx audio working for the nice sound. below is my post from 2 days ago on forums. i have had this pc for 2 weeks and tried to put music on it Saturday . it went on fine but when you try to play it wont. i get a red circle with "x" inside of front of every song i try to play, every song did this.i ran windows trouble shooter and and wpm trouble shooter and it says that windows media player is corrupted. could not get any help for a few days. long story short......found that if i disabled maxx audio "i don't mean turn off i mean "disable" it works great all songs play but sound not good I want maxx audio for the great sound
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Jim Coates
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RE: waves maxx audio and wmp not working together

I'm sorry that you have not received an answer. I am not familiar with this issue.

I guess that if I had the issue I would try to play the file with other music players (ex. Winamp). If the problem only exists with WMP I would reinstall it. I would also try reinstalling the audio driver (the Waves software is included in the download), and try playing  various audio file types (.wma, wav, mp3 etc).

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