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which type of memory stick ?

Hello everyone,

I have a inspiron windows vista 32bit.  Currently I have DDR2 SDRAM 677 MHZ, 2DIMM.  I have no clue what all that means. My system is really slow and i've decided to add 2 gig memory to it. Once the customer rep told me that I could only have a max of 2 gigs in my computer.

My question is what type of a memory stick should i buy? two -   1 gig DDR2 SDRAM 677 MHZ or 800MHZ which one? also can i not buy it from dell since its really expensive. Can i buy from another company say like the one manufactured by Corsair?

And if its the 677 Mhz that i have to buy were could i search for it to get a good deal?


Thanks so much  for your help!


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Re: which type of memory stick ?

What model PC?  we can't really comment about the memory or the max that it will hold without that.

However, most of the "techies" on here recomment Crucial memory as it is one brand that is guaranteed to work with Dells.  Dells have a history of compatibility problems with some memory brands.  www.crucial.com   enter your PC model number and it will list what is compatible.

In reference to the PC being "slow" - generally more memory will not make it faster.  More memory will allow more programs to be opened at one time and more memory will allow more room for memory intensive operations but if it's running "slow" there are other problems.

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Re: which type of memory stick ?

As fireberd said, your best bet is to go to www.crucial.com and use their search, it'll tell you exactly how much memory and of what type you can use with your system. They're reasonable on price and they only show whats compatable with your system.

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