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widows explorer restrating often


i'm using dell inspiron N5010 laptop while i'm using windows my explorer is restarting often i don't know what to do could some one help me...!!!!

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Re: widows explorer restrating often

I would first suggest running hard drive and memory tests just to make sure that isn't where the problem is springing from.


If the diagnostics pass this may be software related.  Has this always happened since getting the notebook?  Do you know if anything was recently installed on the system?  You may wish to uninstall it to see if performance is better. You can run system restore and load a save point dated just prior to you started receiving the error.  If you aren't familiar with system restore the following like will give more details on it. It also details how to run a PC restore or a manual reinstall if all else fails and the poor performance doesn’t get any better.


Since this seems to happen when you are online you may want to run a through scan for possible malware.  Here is a link that details steps that may help if your system is the victim of a malware attack.


Let me know if the problems continue.



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