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wifi driver not working again and now shift keys do not work

about 3 months ago, i had an issue where my dell inspiron-13 5378 would randomly disconnect from the wifi. i contacted customer support, who took 2 weeks to conclude that i needed to submit my computer to the depot and replace the wifi card. i got the computer back and the wifi would still disconnect, which tells me the problem was not the wifi card. i think i eventually did a system restore or installed some form of an update and the issue went away. or so i thought. 

about 2 days ago, my computer was having wifi problems again, so i tried to shut-down/restart and i got the driver power state failure error message. on top of that, yesterday both shift keys stopped working. this is not app-specific, my shift keys work on the touch-screen keyboard. i ran a supportassist on the keyboard and it opened a service request through dell. currently, when i run the wifi troubleshooter, it says there is no wifi driver installed, but when i use the dell driver detect, it does not detect the wifi driver missing, and i can see wifi drivers installed in my device manager. i am only able to connect to the internet using a personal hotspot via USB to my phone. 

i am at a loss as to how this all happened in the first place and what my options are. i am skeptical that sending the computer to the dell depot will solve my problems based on previous experience. i do not understand why the system restore still did not solve my wifi problem. 

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