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xps 13 9360 developer edition glitches

Hi Dell,

I was very excited to get my beautiful xps 13 9360 developer edition yesterday.  I immediately ran 'sudo apt update; sudo apt upgrade', installed and switched to the gnome desktop, and started a big rsync job to get my files over from my old computer.  I haven't done any other setup other than for applications.

Sadly, the laptop has been very glitchy in less than a day of usage.  So far:

* the lack of palm detection for the touchpad constantly causes the cursor to jump, but there seems to be no fix for this from an hour of googling;

* the system crashed once (music started stuttering and everything was unresponsive);

* my headphones don't work when I plug them in (music continues to play through the internal speakers) -- some googling points to some fiddling that may fix this problem;

* the wifi has died twice after suspend and had to be turned off / on;

* the trackpad pointer has become unresponsive twice, requiring a reboot to get it working again;

* after leaving the computer on over night to run the rsync, I found the wifi had died again in the morning, but I had to reboot the computer to get it working this time.

I have run the boot diagnostics, and they report that everything is working fine (still waiting for the memory test to finish).  

What's up with this?  I was a long time linux on the desktop guy, moved to macbooks for several years,  and was very excited to get back onto linux, but hopefully without the constant fiddling with kernel utilities to get basic stuff to work.  Am I expecting too much?  Have I done something wrong in the setup?  I guess maybe bad hardware would explain some of these issues, but others seems like they are just accepted bugs.

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