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xps 14 ultra-book overheating

Hi I recently acquired a Dell XpS L421X ( 5th of november 2012)

with intel i7-3667u cpu @ 2.00 GHz 2.50 GHz

8 Gb ram and windows seven

and i have been having Serious issues with overheating , with cpu processor cores reaching 97 degrees celsius and a resting temp of around 65 degrees...

what could the problem be? (updated bios, ran multiple checks for motherboard and cpu)


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Re: xps 14 ultra-book overheating

Hi NestorG,

Please check if you hear any noise from the fan of the computer. I would recommend you to try the below mentioned steps:

Clean the air vents of the computer. Below are the steps to clean the air vents:

  • Check the vents on the computer to see if they are covered with dust and not allowing heat and air to pass through
  • Turn off the System
  • Unplug the AC Adapter
  • Remove the Battery
  • Use Compressed Air to blow the dust out of the vents

Note: Please use compressed air can. When using compressed air can, use the can according to the directions on the side of the can as you can cause damage to the computer if used incorrectly.

The latest BIOS available for this system model is A12. Here is the link .

Note: Before updating BIOS please ensure that:
*Battery is 10%> or >10% charged
*Battery charger should be connected
*No external devices (flash drives, printers, external hard drives) should be connected.
*All other programs should be closed and documents saved

Alternatively, check the CPU usage of the computer. To check the CPU usage:

  • Right click on the taskbar, choose ‘Start Task manager’
  • Click the "Performance" tab. In this screen, the first box shows the percentage of CPU usage

  • Then click on ‘Processes’ tab, click on ‘CPU’ tab once and check for the application with the maximum CPU usage.

  • Right click on that application (make a note of the process) and click ‘End process tree’.
  • Check if the same issue occurs

Please reply if you have any questions.

Thanks & Regards,
Appu S
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Re: xps 14 ultra-book overheating

I am having the same issue with mine. I thought it was first an issue with the Linux kernel, but several kernel updates have come and gone with no one else reporting the issue. The ventilation on this model is exceptionally poor. I cannot use it for more than 20 minutes except on a desk due to the problem. I basically have a $1,000 paperweight.

I have always bought Dell, but this is pathetic. I love that the only answer given is useless garbage about cleaning air vents. So much for buying Dell in the future. Hopefully I can unload this on eBay soon and go buy a MacBook and load Mint. 

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Re: xps 14 ultra-book overheating

well that was all fine, the computer was brand new, but the bottom plate is bendy and touches the fan which makes noise and probably heats up the computer, what can I do?

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RE: xps 14 ultra-book overheating

I have the same problem. Doing anything the temperature is 70 degrees!!! Many time get around 90 and then it goes out.

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