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Re: (yet another) memory update question

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Howdy all people around here!

hahahahahaha.... this is same old complain of the customers of M65 & M90 screwed by Dell Corp...:emotion-5:

This problem was well known even years ago but before purchase I was also directly and straightly assured by a Dell sales staffer that 4GB RAM is totally OK with 64-bit OS... so in early 2007 I've expected to buy the best one for more than $2500 but....:emotion-12:

Here is a reference link about the Intel 945PM chipset problem:  http://www.ifrankie.com/?p=70

And here is another reference on Dell models, RAM & chipsets: http://www.edgetechcorp.com/memory-specification-guide.asp?cid=15152

However there are also some good news regarding upgrade ability of M65:

1. Win7 x64 Ultimate works OK;

2. Both WLAN & WWAN slots are made in decent way as the full-size PCI-E including USB D+/- signal lines, therefore you can upgrade WiFi card to Intel WiFi/WiMAX 5150, 5350 or 6250 ones featured both Wireless N and WiMax 3-4G smoothly;

3. If somebody needs a schematic diagram of the motherboard of M65 & D820 - it's same Quanta JM6 pls let me know. Another one for Precision M90, Inspiron 9400 (1705) & XPS M1710 is also available. 



The unregistered but proven solver of Dell M65 Precision problems. [;)][H]

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