1) caps lock blinking and computer won't boot 2)caps lock and scroll lock blinking & computer still won't boot

I have a inspiron 1420. Yesterday it took a 1 foot fall in a backpack. It might have been in sleep mode during the fall.

When I first tried to turn it on, it wouldn't boot (screen never turned on) and I am pretty sure the caps lock was only blinking and number lock and scroll lock were OFF...I didn't count the number of blinks, but maybe it blinked for 20 seconds before it totally shut down.

Then I tried reseating the memory. Also taking one stick out. Then another. Still no luck. But now the caps lock and scroll lock blink about 50 times, the number lock is on, and the computer still won't boot.

Removing all memory and powering up computer results in same light pattern (blinking caps and scrolls locks, static number lock).

The only other lights that come on are the power light at the bottom of the laptop; and the harddrive light is on for about 2 seconds and then goes off.  The wireless light doesn't come on at all.

The fan doesn't come on.

Thanks for your help.



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