AC Adapter for E1705

My laptop is about 18 months old and I have an extended warranty.  A few months ago it started giving me intermittent problems saying that AC power cord was not compatible with the system.  I bought the power cord with the system from Dell.  When i pushed the cord into the laptop and would restart the system it worked just fine but it keeps doing this once in a while.  Today I discovered that the end that plugs into the laptop is frayed and coming apart.  I then went to buy the part on the Dell site and read many complaints that were similar to mine.  The part is under warranty for a year and in many cases people had to replace it under a year.

My question is does anyone know who we can complain to about this?  Why would Dell keep selling a defective part if there are so many customer complaints on the product's webpage?  This is totally unacceptable.  I have taken very good care of my laptop and I wouldn't expect a part like this to fall apart the way it has.  I am calling Customer Care on Monday because all I get on the weekend is customer service in India! All they could tell me was to take care of my parts...grrr.

If anyone has any suggestions on whom I talk to so that Dell starts paying some attention to their defective parts I would sure appreciate it.


Check out the customer complaints for this product:

90 Watt 2 Prong AC Adapter with 3-ft Power Cord for Dell Inspiron 9400/ E1705 Laptops



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Re: AC Adapter for E1705

I'd advist not to put too much negative energy in this. Some years ago I had a Dell Latitude D600 where the left hand palm area would heat up (not warm, but really hot). Only change they made was to put a plastic cover in there. Which made it worse.


I guess some things can't be fixed easily. Don't get too mad about it.

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