Backlight shuts off!!

I have a Latitude C800 running W98 (BIOS A13) that I have been using for several months now.

Last week shortly after booting it up the backlight suddenly shut off. I could turn it back on by pressing Fn and CRT/LCD keys or by going into the display properties and making certain adjustments. It would shut itself off again shortly after. I did some screwing around to see if I could find the problem and while unable to do anything to correct it, the problem went away on its own for a day.

Now the problem is back and it shuts off every 30 seconds. I don't believe it is windows related because when I went into the BIOS the backlight shut off again. What can I do to fix this??

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RE: Backlight shuts off!!


From what you have described it does appear to be a hardware related problem. Your system will likely need to be serviced to correct the issue. To have service arranged if the system is under warranty, you can, 1) contact our Mobile Computing Hotline at 800-822-8965 for Corporate/Government Accounts or at 800-247-9252 for Direct accounts; or 2) you can email mobile_support@dell.com. If you do choose to email, make certain to include a brief description of your issue, with your service tag and the troubleshooting steps you have followed.

Otherwise, you may wish to check the Dell Software and Accessories site - they are our Software and Peripherals Superstore and sell components from other vendors for our Dell systems, as well as Dell-branded parts and accessories.

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Re: RE: Backlight shuts off!!

I have the same problem as described here. When booting, the backlight turns off after the Windows XP start-up screen goes away. However, if I boot into safe mode the backlight stays on.

Is there a setting that controls this or is it truly a hardware problem as you recommended to the other poster? Also, what's my best option if I don't have a service plan or covered under warranty? Will this cost me and arm and a leg, or just an arm?

I have a Latitude C610.


- Andrew

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